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         What's happening in the political arena?

Here are our Democrat candidates running for election or re-election to the state legislature:

District 2,

Senate:  Jim Hundstad
House:  Paul Dennert and Elaine Elliott.

Paul Dennert     Paul Dennert and Dale Kurth, County Commission

Jim Hundstad 
Jim Hundstad   

Elaine Elliott
         Elaine Elliott                


District 3

Senate:  Alan Hoerth
House:  Dennis Feickert, Mark Remily, and John Graham.

Al Hoerth   Al Hoerth

                                                     Dennis Feickert   Dennis Feickert 

                                        Mark Remily
                                                                 Mark Remily

John Graham

John Graham



Aberdeen School Board...                              

                                                                         Gary Job

                                                                Gary Job  

Deb Knecht:  New Jobs

Deb  Knecht, former Brown County Chairwoman, has been appointed Fund Raiser and Organizer for the state Democratic party.   We will learn more of her duties in the future.   Thanks, Deb, for your fine work as county chairwoman. 

                                                       Deb Knecht


Brown County Democrat Officers

Chairman:  Roland Walter. 

Walt Walter

Treasurer:  David Newquist. 1415 S. Main St., Aberdeen.  Phone:  226-2509.  Email:

Secretary:  Tonya Peterson

Vice-Chairman:  Jim Kraft.  1323 North Penn, Aberdeen. Phone:  229-5965.

Central committeeman:  Jim Hundstad.  13755 395 Ave., Bath, SD 57427.  Phone:  225-3093.  Email:  ratrace@nrctv. com

Central committeewoman:  Arlene Schley Elliott.  510 22nd Ave., NE, Aberdeen.  Phone:  229-4711.

Brown County Commissioners

    Dennis Feickert, Chairman.  Phone:  225-5844. 

    Tom Fischbach.  Phone:  229-3878.

    Nancy Hansen

    Deb Knecht.  Phone:  885-6365.  Email: 

    Mike Wiese.   916 N. Lincoln, Aberdeen.  Phone:  226-1702. 

Brown County Officers

Auditor:  Maxine Taylor 

Treasurer:  Sheila Enderson

Register of Deeds:  Carol Sherman

State's Attorney:  Mark McNeary

State Legislature,  members from Districts #2 and #3...

District #2

H. Paul Dennert.  House - Democrat.  11853 391 Ave., Columbia, SD  57433.  Phone:  605-396-2482.  Email: 


Burt Elliott.  House - Democrat.  13687 387 Ave., Aberdeen, SD  57401.  Phone:  605-225-7136.  Email: 


Jim Hundstad.  Senate - Democrat.  13755 395 Ave., Bath, SD  57427.  605-225-3093. Session:  500 East Capitol, Pierre, SD   57501.  Email:


District #3 

Alan Hoerth.  Senate - Democrat.  1105 18th Ave., NE, Aberdeen, SD  57401.   Phone:  229-1712.  Email:


Al Novstrup.  House - Republican.  3629 Rolling Meadows, Aberdeen, SD  57401.  Phone:  226-2505.  Pierre:  605-224-0411.  Email: 

Al Novstrup

David Novstrup.  House - Republican.  1008 South Wells Street, Aberdeen, SD  57401.  Phone:  605-262-0425.

David Novstrup


David Novstrup.  House - Republican.  1008 South Wells Street, Aberdeen, SD  57401.  Phone:  605-262-0425.


Congressional delegation

Senator Tim Johnson.  136 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC  20510-4104.  Local phone:  226-3440.   Washington phone:  202-224-5842 or 800-537-0025.  Email:   Website:  Tim Johnson


                                                            Senator Tim Johnson 

Senator John Thune.  383 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC  20510.  Local phone:  225-8823.  Washington phone:  866-850-3855.  Website and email: Senator John Thune


Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.   331Canon Office Building, Washington, DC  20515.  Local phone:  626-3440.  Washington phone:   866-371-8747 or  202-225-2801.  Email:   Website:   Stephanie Herseth Sandlin


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